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OussiFooty - Central Flag carrier - PSG v Bayern Munich

oEvery football fan dreams of the UEFA Champions League.

Just Eat Takeaways collaborated with OussiFooty in the match between Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern München in the 2023 knockout stage. Oussi was part of a selected group that waved the iconic UEFA Champions League flag in the middle of the pitch.

The result was unique content that made you feel in the center of the action, as if you were the superstar of the match. 

For the second leg of the FC Bayern München and Paris Saint-Germain, Oussi got to re-live the center of the pitch experience in the Allianz Arena. However, this time he got to hang out with the Canadian superstar Alphonso Davies, who showed his home, gaming station, and personal football relics.

The content produced by OussiFooty has been already seen over 55M times on all of his platforms, making it one of the most successful collaborations in the books. 

Mercedes Roa & J_Tekkz - Centrals Flags carriers - Real Madrid v Manchester City

Because one was not enough, we got two more creators into the center of the action. This time it was at the Santiago Bernabeu in the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League between Real Madrid and Manchester City.

Both Mercedes Roa and J_Tekkz did this one of a lifetime experience in front of thousands of people in the stadium and millions of people watching live on TV. This is not all, they also got millions of views on social media with more than 3.5 million views and over 600k likes.

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